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Rust Cloud Native

A collection of resources about cloud native Rust.
This site's source code and the organization's goals, charters, etc. are located in the core repository.

Discussion and Collaboration


We are currently using GitHub issues and our Discord server to track new ideas, feedback, collaboration, and community building. Please do not hesitate to post, talk, and share your ideas. Let your voice be heard!

Topic Description Find or file a GitHub issue? Find or start a discussion in Discord?
Community sharing, promoting, job posting, finding people to work on projects with, etc. 🚫
Projects additions or changes to projects on the website
Technical bugs, enhancements, features, etc. for the website
Organizational “meta”, goals, structure, etc. 🚫

When in doubt, discuss in our Discord server!

This section exists to showcase cloud native Rust projects and provide a collection of cloud native Rust resources. We feature projects that exist in our space for the purpose of connecting our greater community, but we are not affiliated with these projects unless specified. Explicit consent from maintainers and owners must be given for affiliation.

Applications and Services



We have a monthly online meetup. Feel free to join and propose agenda items!





Want to add something? Let’s do it!

We are looking for contributions, and would love to talk in our Discord server and would love PRs and issues in our core repository!

Additional Information

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